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Aon Edge Private Flood Insurance

Insureds today need options. Now, with Aon Edge's private flood insurance product options, you can custom-build coverage to address a range of individual needs.

Designed for both residential properties in higher-risk and coastal areas where mandatory flood insurance purchase requirements apply and residential properties in lower-risk, non-mandatory flood zones.**

Attractive features such as a streamlined underwriting processimmediate binding, and coverage availability in mandatory and non-mandatory flood zones are just a few of the reasons why agents recommend Aon Edge private flood insurance.

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Client Testimonials

Great service, attitudes, and a pleasure to work with. We don't find this much in our industry. Thank you both and Aon Edge. I look forward to writing more business.

…all the customer services specialists at Aon Edge have been wonderful to work with.

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your company!...incredibly nice, friendly, helpful and wonderful to work with. I really, really appreciate all of the support I've received!

Everyone that has helped me at Aon has been amazing from Kyla, Lori, Bea and now Christy. You all have a great staff that makes my day and helps me out patiently when I call.


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* EZ Flood is designed for single family residential homes – no waiting period when purchased in advance of a loan closing transaction. Insured should confirm with the lender prior to canceling an NFIP policy and/or in advance of a loan closing transaction.
 ** Geographic limitations may apply. 

Aon Edge Insurance Agency, Inc. is a licensed producer in all states. (TX Lic# 1339727) (CA Lic# 0E67797); Insurmark is a division of Financial & Professional Risk Solutions, Inc.

  • In what states is EZ Flood available?

    EZ Flood is available in all states except Alaska, DC, Hawaii, and Kentucky.

  • In what flood zones is EZ Flood available?

    EZ Flood is available in any “A” flood zone and select B, C, V and X flood zones.

  • Will lenders accept a policy issued through EZ Flood?

    Yes. EZ Flood satisfies the federal rule effective July 1, 2019, requiring federally regulated lenders accept private flood insurance that meets the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Act of 2012 definition of private flood insurance.

  • What are the benefits of EZ Flood?

    - Obtain a quote without an elevation certificate and without providing property photographs

    - Coverage limits exceed the coverage limits offered by the NFIP

    - In some instances, coverage may be effective immediately

    - Underwriting requires responses to only a handful of questions to prepare a premium indication

    - EZ Flood is not subject to federal surcharges or reserve fund assessments, and may be less expensive to purchase than NFIP flood insurance

    - Optional coverages available: Loss of use pays up to $250 per day, not to exceed $5,000 per occurrence for additional living expenses and $500 food spoilage coverage. $1,000 swimming pool clean-up protection.

    Please feel free to contact us for specifics on your situation.

  • What is maximum amount of coverage that an insured can purchase on building and contents?

    $1,250,000 maximum coverage on the structure; $875,000 maximum coverage on contents.

  • Will my coverage be cancelled/dropped when I have a claim?

    EZ Flood mirrors many of the non-renewal, cancellation scenarios of the NFIP. There may be instances where a policyholder is cancelled or non-renewed following a claim.

  • What is the difference between EZ Flood and an NFIP Flood policy?

    The EZ Flood coverage provisions mirror or exceed that of the NFIP product. For details on cancellations, please refer to the policy jacket under Certificate Provisions.

  • What is considered to be catastrophic ground collapse?

    Covered catastrophic ground collapse occurs when a sudden or abrupt collapse to ground cover, observable with the naked eye, causes structural damage to the property resulting in the condemnation or an order requiring the property be vacated. If these conditions are met, EZ Flood pays the loss subject to the policy deductible and loss limitation detailed in the policy and summarized on the declarations page.

  • I was able to quote an EZ Flood policy before and now I am not able to, what happened?

    EZ Flood eligibility is based on property location and certain property characteristics. Eligibility varies by risk.